Pre-requisites at level 5, or 6 or 7 (undergraduate degree level):

      1. OT/NT Survey 3cr

      2. Hermeneutics 3cr

      3. Intro. to Theology 3cr

      4. Intro. To Missions 3cr

MA in Urban Leadership

A 60 credit Graduate Degree

(Each credit represents 30 hours of learning and research, 5 hours of lectures and 25 hours of self directed study & research except for the Praxis)

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Spirituality and Theology for the Urban Leader


Urban Poor





Citywide Leadership- (8credits)

Leadership in Community Transformation


Urban Poor Movement Leadership



& Organisational Leadership

(4 credits)

Core Paper:


Urban Spirituality,

Urban Theology Process,

Story-telling Pedagogy, Personal and Family Care

Personal Inventory


Core Paper:


Holistic Urban Poor


Planting  & Community Leadership


Core Paper:


Theology of the City, City Systems


Urban Anthropology

Urban Leadership Strategies,  Citywide Prayer Movements,  Revival & Transformation,


Core Paper:


Theology & Theories of Development & Transformation, Advocacy & Community Organisation

Project Cycle Management.

Core Paper:


Leadership of  Holistic Movements of Urban Poor Disciples, Holistic Urban Church Growth

Ecclesiology of the City

Core Paper:


Financial Management,

Strategic Planning & Change Management

Semester 5 & 6: Praxis/Research/ Reflection Thesis (10credits)

PR822 Core: 4 credits: Supervised Field Praxis experience

TH824: Core: 6 credits

Integrational Seminar/Thesis

UL720 Core

Urban Research

Methods (2)


Choose 1x 2cr optional  Specialist Studies per semester  (dependent on what is being offered)
EL709 Street Childrens' Ministry(2)

EL717 Drug/Prostitution Rehabilitation (2)

EL711 HIV AIDS Prevention and Care (2)

EL713 (2)* English Proficiency

EL715 (2) Theory, Practice  of Land Rights & Housing

SO721 Global Issues and Advocacy (2)

SO704 Language & Culture Learning  1 (2).**

EL816 (2) Micro-enterprise

EL819 (2) Primary Health Care

EL817 (2) Media & Communications

EL818 (2) Information Technology & Web Design

SO804 Language & Culture Learning 2 (2).

EL812 (2) Developing Elementary & Vocational Education.

EL814 Relief and Crisis Management (2)


1. Entry: All candidates must show that they have completed pre-requisite subjects at the required level before they will be allowed entry to the MA in Urban Leadership program..

2. Course requirements; 4 x 8cr Core papers = 32cr; 1 x 6cr Core paper = 6cr; 1 x 4 cr paper = 4cr;1 x 2cr of the Electives = 2cr, 3 x 2cr Optional Specialist = 6cr, 1 x 4cr Core Praxis = 4cr, 1 x 6cr Core, Thesis = 6cr, Total = 60cr

* All students to pass an English proficiency exam by end of first year

** Required for those crossing cultures

Urban Leadership Foundation for the Encarnação Training Commission as of Jan 2005