Please Limit Your Answers to 3-5 pages!



1. Organization and Contact Persons:


a.      Full Name of Implementing Organization and Address:

b.      Proposal Contact: Enter the name and contact information for the person who is writing this proposal.

c.       Primary Project Contact: Enter the name and contact information for the employee from the Implementing Organization who will be personally responsible for managing the project (if different from above).

d.      Referred by: Enter the name and contact information for the person who referred you.

e.       References: Enter the name and contact information for 2-3 professionals who can serve as an independent reference for your organization and its leadership.

f.        Region, state and country of the people being impacted by the project:

2. Project Summary

Give a short description of the project and its methodology


3. Critical needs to be met by the project: 

Describe the people in need, how many will benefit from this project, and why your proposed project is needed. Also important is a paradise definition of the needs to be met, using indicators that show the needs and problems of your beneficiary population in an objective manner, i.e. spiritual needs, literacy needs, food and clothing, clean water, etc.



4.    Past Track Record & Project Leadership and Experience

*      Have you/your organization done this type of project before? If yes, what were the fruits and measurable results? How many people were directly impacted? The results from that previous project provide a reference for estimating the results of this project.

*      Who is leading the project and what previous experience does he/she have to ensure its success? Knowing that an organization or its project leaders have successfully done similar work in the past gives a donor confidence that the current project will succeed.



5.                                                                      Steps Taken to Solve the Need (Project Details): 

Describe how the proposed project works, linking it to a reduction of the needs described above. How does this project solve the problem? What is its methodology?



6. Results and Evaluation: 

Please describe each of the ways that this project will bring a positive change in peoples’ lives – in 12 months and in 3 years. For each of the changes (i.e. spiritual, economic, health etc.), indicate

*      the number of people who will be impacted

*      the visible proof that positive change has occurred (so it can be measured)

*      the depth of the impact


*      Each of the types of life change listed above should be the result of project activities. 



7.    Cost of Project

*      Amount requested:  How much is being asked as a contribution towards the total project cost?

*      Items Requested: How do you plan to use the money?  Please list general budget categories

*      Total Project Cost: Are any other donors or your own organization financially contributing to this project? Who are they and how much are they contributing?


8.    Financial Sustainability

How will you pay for ongoing program costs once funding through Geneva Global ends? Since the vast majority of our grants are for one year only, sustainability is a critical issue to ensure that no dependence is created.


9.    Financial Statements:

What is your current annual budget? Will you be able to provide your organization's financial statements for the past 3 years? If not, please explain. Inability to provide these documents will not disqualify a proposal as long as the reason is understood.


Next Steps:

Once you have submitted this application, the funding agency  will review it to ensure there is sufficient information to make an initial assessment of its fundability. If they believe that your project might fit their funding criteria they will send you an expanded application form with a writing guide (Application Form #2).  A researcher will then initiate contact with you over several weeks in order to fully understand your initiative and help you answer all the nine questions of Application Form #2.  Once these questions are adequately answered a detailed proposal will be written and submitted to the donors, who will decide whether they want to fund it. (A word of caution: Since the funders are an intermediary they cannot guarantee the funding of any project). They will then notify you of a donor’s decision to fund your project, as soon as they know. The entire process of getting to know you, arranging a grant through one of their clients and then sending you money typically takes anywhere from 16 to 45 weeks.