We cannot cover all topics, so it depends on which emphases are available within the stories.



Theological Framework

(These can be woven throughout)

Entrance & Evangelism


Church Growth


Community Transforma-tion

Advocacy at Upper Levels

Training/ Integration

Sharing and Response


The Kingdom of God as a theological framework for urban poor mission-teaching.

- viv


Small Groups

Breaking the Property Barrier/ Land for church buildings

Developing The 5 Leadership Gifts (Eph 4:11,12) (teaching Viv, followed by a leadership team releasing people into these gifts)

Intro to Micro- Enterprise

Experiences of seeking to gain Land Rights for the poor

Training of Urban Poor Pastors Viv + Chennai case studies

Time of Intercession

Greetings from the Global movements across the slums of the mega-cities my story from the Manila slums  -viv

The Kingdom and the Poor Causes and Responses to Poverty teaching

- viv

Finding the Needs

Working with Illiterate - Story-based Training

- Syllabus

Pastoral Care

Developing Eldership

Intro to Preventive Health as a means of evangelism

Housing and land rights

(Teaching on a theology of land rights Viv)

Integration of the Lessons learned, the shared theology, shared vision Pr Kumar?

Final challenge - A Vision for the Future the Poor wise man Viv

What is Chennai who are the poor of Chennai maps of the slums, the churches, the churches in the slums, the un-reached areas

The Spirit, Evangelism, and Justice

- Viv

Entrance Points

Street Children


Diaconal Development

Cash Flows &funding of urban poor churches

Locating Industries near Slums





Power Encounters

House Groups

Team Building

Connecting to Community Leadership

Education Primary

Vocational as a vehicle for church-planting

Community Organisation