Objectives for Chennai Urban Poor Workers Consultation


1.   A time of spiritual ministry and revival

Often in the pain of service among the poor we grow wounded, or face issues we cannot handle.  It is good to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit with fellow co-labourers who share the same journey in the slums. Generally in consultations such as this deep level healing, deliverance and release into new levels of anointing occur


2.   A time of understanding

As urban poor churchplanters we learn best from the stories of others. We learn from action first, then reflection on our actions.  But we know we lack knowledge of a complete pattern of development from entrance evangelism to discipling, to church growth to leadership development to community development to dealing with issues of injustice.  By taking the time to reflect the breadth of these issues in 5 days, we can help each other end up with new pictures and vision of the whole process, and each one go away with some new next steps.


3.   A time of developing a united vision

For reaching the poor of Chennai and transforming the poverty we will have time for integration and united vision building.


4.   A time where Chennai pastors can contribute their stories

This is where Chennai leaders will have an opportunity to share their experience to the training of pastors in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere in Asia though including these on video and CD-Rom.