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Registration info for the Bangkok Encarnagco Urban Poor Leaders Consultation  



To enter your registration details there are two ways:

  1. Go to  http://urbanleaders.org/Urb%20Poor%20Net/consultations/BKKConsult/regform.htm  and fill in the form.
  2. Return the registration form sent by email


Please also send us a  jpeg Photo (send a photo on e-mail)  of yourself, that we can put on the consultation website which is currently under construction by a volunteer.


We need to develop a worship team during the consultation, so if you have skills in this area, please let us know.


If you wish to go on a half day bus tour of Bangkok on the Sunday preceding the consultation, please also let us know.



Also inform us before 30th  May  of the particular topic you would share in your 10 minute storytelling slot and if you are bringing a PowerPoint  or video presentation as part of it.  Please send a two page Word or power point summary by June 7th.


Feedback on the program design is most welcome.


Location  (see maps and pictures on the web site)


 Bangkok is about the cheapest place in the world to fly to and to have a conference.  Kevin Walton has a good size Peace Community Church facility of various urban poor people from his area of Bangkok, and has offered the use of his church facilities for those of us poorer to stay.  We would sleep on the floor of the church, eat on the streets (which is common and great food) in order to connect with Bangkok realities and have some meetings there (at costs of US$90).  These spaces will be offered to those from developing countries first.  The majority, and  those needing to cope with the heat can stay across the Road at the Royal Rose Hotel, where we would also host half of the meetings. This is really nice.  Above those prices you will need to plan on your own costs for airport tax about US$10 and estimate of food outside the conference site about $30 for the week.


Download the maps in Thai for your taxi driver from the airport.


There are three choices for accommodation and food  

  1. Hotel room on our own (includes free breakfast, then lunch and some dinners at your own expense).  Royal Rose Hotel
  2. Shared hotel room (2 or 3 people – same price).  These are large rooms, and air-conditioned. (Includes breakfast).
  3. Stay in the church, sleep on the floor, not aircon (breakfast, lunch and some dinners at your own expense) (spaces limited, so preference for those with limited incomes, richer folks may want to book a hotel room then trade spaces if they wish). This will give maximum exposure to Bangkok street life.

There are many corner stalls, with exciting food within a few hundred yards, plus MacDonald’s etc in the nearby malls.


Extra days stay before the consultation on the Sat and Sun night or after on the Sunday night can be arranged at the Royal Rose hotel at  Bt700  for an individual or  Bt400each for sharing a room of 2 or 3 people (4 people it is just as cheap to get another room.   Please indicate if you need us to book extra days for you.  (For your info. Bt40  is approximately  US$1)  


 Summary Of Costs 

Most of us are faith missions.  So we need to pray in the resources for this. We have been able to reduce some of the costs and drop the registration fee and have a very good rate from the hotel.    

               r Sleep in Church US$90       

         or  r Shared: Pay hotel 7 nights Sun 4th- Sat11th at Bt400 (US$10)/night = $70 + pay conf US$85    

         or  r  Single: Pay Hotel 7 nights at Bt700 (approx US$17.5)/night = $122.50 +pay conf US$85

          or r Thai workers living out US$30


Plus extra costs to pay yourself :

r Extra nights before or after at the above rates

r Airport tax Bt500 (US$12.50)

r  Taxis to/from airport (Bt300 (US$8) each way.  Where we have flight details we are planning to fetch you to reduce this cost.

 r Extra food: about $30 as many meals we will eat on the streets.

 r Bus tour of Bangkok Sat.4/Sun 5th afternoon or Thurs afternoon approx US$10 ( per person- please inform us of your intention to join or not).


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