Encarnação de Evangelho aos Pobres

Sitio Morada Shalom

Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was a wonderful time of fellowship, reflection and being in the presence of the Lord when in Brazil.

You will find most of the English version material from the Urban Poor Mission Leaders Consultation in Brazil below as a means of reflection. With a computer that has crashed for three weeks, I must apologise for the failure to get them to you earlier. There are a few extra pages of notes from the final discussions that yet need typing up and adding.

Please select those files that refer to your input or presentations and review them for accuracy and confidentiality. You should be able to download them as html files from your browser then edit them in Frontpage or another html editor and then would you be so kind as to return them to me by August 7th. Once I have uploaded these again, I will make the site public for those who did not attend but were interested to find out about the consultation.

We could make them all fancier, but I am not sure we need to spend the extra time on this. However if someone wants to take that on as a project for the network, do let me know. Also let me know what specfically role you each would like to play in the ongoing network development.

Most of the material here is the result of Sharon's diligent and accurate hard work during the week. We need to thank her for her grace to serve us in such a quiet way hen she had so many significant things she too wanted to contribute. Thank-you so much, Sharon.

Where there are glaring ommissions or errors, please forgive me, and let me know what to do to correct them.

Viv Grigg


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